Kat1lyst Album Art

Kat1lyst Album Art

Album art is always fun, so when I was approached by long-time friend and collaborator Shane Caldwell, aka Kat1lyst, to create artwork for his new mixtape, I knew I wanted something memorable and unique.

As a resident of Baltimore, I have fallen in love with the daily reminders of life going on despite the decay and the loss. Baltimore is a strong city, resilient, and inspiring. A place built by hard work, and that’s why it still stands, in defiance of the hardships that threaten to demolish it. The lone soldier rowhouse, seen in neighborhoods all over my city, represent that defiant nature. The doors or windows maybe boarded over or broken, but the bones are still strong.

The mix is an uplifting and strong combination of street tracks and club music, with roots in that same defiant strength that makes Baltimore my favorite city.

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